Metrics Explained

In order to help you better understand and use CoinMarketMetrics we have provided you with a definition of each of the metrics that can be used in your analysis. Make sure to check this page in the future as we will be adding metrics on a regular basis.

Exchange Presence

This metric shows the percentage of existing exchanges that have registered a particular coin.

For example, if the metric shows 1%, it means that the currency is registered to one percent of all the existing coin exchanges.

Exchange presence

In order to obtain more relevant information, you can filter the main table according to currencies that are traded on a specific stock exchange or a group of stock exchanges by clicking on one of the buttons in the left:

Filter by exchange

Stability vs Bitcoin

This metric shows the percentage of change in the price (in USD) of a given asset when compared to BTC during recorded BTC crashes.

Stability vs Bitcoin

This metric is currently based on 13-time periods in which Bitcoin's price dropped sharply. The percentage represents the average price change between all periods. The last 12 recorded BTC crashes can be seen in this image:

BTC crashes

If a specific currency did not exist during one of the periods measured, the period will not be considered in the calculation process.

If a currency is released during one of the periods measured, the index will reflect the change in the price of the currency from the moment it is published until the end of the period.


This metric calculates the Delta (in USD) between the days highest price and the days lowest price for a given asset over the last 7/30 days.

Volatility 7 days

This metric reflects the percentage of the average Delta as compared to the current price of the currency.

You can compare the volatility of a specific coin to the volatility of other coins in order to understand the relative volatility of the chosen coin.

ATH (All Time High)

This metric shows the all-time highest price in USD of a specific currency.

All Time High

Note: Data for the ATH is taken as an average from and is based on the average price measured between all the different exchanges at the time of measurement and not the highest price measured on a certain exchange.

Days Since ATH

This metric shows how many days have passed since a particular coin was traded at it’s all time highest price in USD.

% Down From ATH

This metric shows the percentage of decrease in the value of a currency when comparing the current price to the coins All time highest traded price in USD.

ROI (Return On Investment)

This metric shows the percentage of change of price in USD for a particular currency during the selected year.

Return On Investment

If the currency was active during the year the metric would reflect the percentage of change between the opening price on the first day that the currency was traded during the selected year with the closing price of the last day that it was traded during the same year.

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